Saratoga SP




     The airplane equivalent of an SUV, the Piper Saratoga is one of the best airplanes you can find to haul six people and their baggage over long distances. Our Saratoga is one of the few six place airplanes available for rent in the Pacific Northwest. Able to cruise at 160 kts, the Saratoga has approximately a 1000 nm. range. Trips to Canada and California are easily within range of one tank of gas. If you’re interested in experiencing the comfort and convenience of general aviation travel, give us a call!

Equipment list:

Deluxe interior w/ conference seating, lockable fuel caps, external power cable, heavy-duty brakes, EGT, soundproofing, executive table, vent fan, tinted windows, co-pilot adj. seat, King radios, KMA-24 audio panel, KY-197 nav., KNS-80 area nav., KR-87 ADF, KX-165 nav./com., KT-76A transponder w/ encoder, glide slope, Century 41 auto pilot (fully coupled).