These are the nicest hangars in the area!  Fully insulated with remote operated bi-fold doors, lighting, electrical, water and plumbing service, these hangars are a perfect blank sheet to build any number of facilities an aircraft owner could want.  An office, a living space, a workshop - the possibilities are endless!  If you're tired of complicated lease agreements and not being able to own your own hangar space, one of our spacious condominium hangars is for you.

Fee Simple Condominium hangars with access agreement to Sportsman Airpark.

1st phase hangar consists of 8 units  (see attached drawing) 

The following units are available:




All hangars include the following:




There is a lot of space left for further hangars.  In the drawing below, existing taxiways/driveways are shown in blue, existing hangars are shown in white.