Flight Instruction


     Sportsman Airpark offers a wide range of flight instruction options. Our varied range of aircraft can help you attain that next rating you have been seeking. From simple fixed-gear trainers, to taildraggers, to high performance, complex singles, we have your interests covered. Here is a complete list of things we offer:

  • Private Pilotís License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial License
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (Instrument) Rating
  • High Performance Aircraft
  • Complex Aircraft
  • Tailwheel Aircraft
  • Biennial Flight Review

Our instructors also have multi-engine ratings, and can assist you with your multi-engine aircraft.

Why Fly?

     Sportsman Airpark has been training students to fly for over fifty years. General Aviation is growing and the demand for pilots is on the rise. The opportunity for employment in aviation is not to be underestimated in the coming years. There are many advantages to having a private pilotís license. When you travel on the airlines, getting to smaller locations can be a hassle; flight delays, lost luggage and plane changes are a constant risk. With your own license to fly, you set your own schedule, and your choice of destinations is greatly multiplied.

     But more than that, flying is fun! To fly over the Oregon coast on a summer day and see the cresting waves and the sheer rock cliffs from the air must be experienced to be believed.

     Currently we use the Piper Archer for primary flight instruction.

     One thing that people always think is that it is prohibitively expensive to learn to fly. While it is not inexpensive, when viewed next to the price of vocational colleges, it is competitive. Here is a sample of the costs and hours involved in obtaining a license:

Aircraft per hour: $121.00 x 45 hrs +/-  5445.00
Instructor per hour: $37.00 x 30 hrs +/- 1110.00
Flight Physical 125.00
Written Test  90.00
Study materials (kit + tape course) 260.00
Flight Test  200.00
     TOTAL $7230.00

     It has been our policy for a number of years to offer a discount on the aircraft rate for a prepayment of $1,000; this is a 2% discount and is invoiced at the end of each flight. This procedure helps to lessen the paperwork and defray some of the cost.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for lessons, give us a call!