Rental Aircraft

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  At Sportsman Airpark, aircraft rentals are one of our top priorities. We have one of most varied selections of aircraft available anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Compare us with other FBO’s who offer rental aircraft and you will see that there really is no comparison. Our airplanes are kept in excellent condition and can rise to whatever occasion you need. For anything from short trips, long cross-countries, primary flight training, instrument/ commercial training, scenic flights, or just boring holes in the sky, we have an aircraft to suit your needs. And you can view them all here at!

W/O fuel W/ fuel  +INSTRUCTOR
Saratoga SP  160 235 282
Archer II 66 121 164

Dual in your aircraft:
Under 205 HP, Single Engine  48
Over 210 HP, " " 52
Under 6,000# Gross, Multi-Engine   55
Over " " " " 57
Pilot Stand-by 43
Ground Dual 43
Biennial Flight Review   86