About Us




     Sportsman Airpark is a privately owned, public use general aviation airport located in Newberg, Oregon. We offer a wide range of services including aircraft rentals, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, aircraft sales, hangar rentals, aviation fuel, and various pilot services. We are also the launching point for Vista Balloons’ operation, and enjoy a professional relationship with that company.

     Sportsman Airpark is one of the oldest continually operated airports in the state of Oregon. Founded in 1946 by Sam and Claire Whitney, the airport started out as a grass strip with a few buildings. Mr. Whitney expanded the airport over the years, mainly through his and his family’s hard work and ingenuity. Over time, the runway was paved, hangars were constructed, and services were added. In the early years, one interesting endeavor Mr. Whitney undertook was seeding lakes with fish in the Cascades with a Piper Super Cub. In the early ‘50’s, Sportsman Airpark became a Piper Aircraft dealer and remained so until the mid 1980’s. Mr. Whitney always liked Pipers for their durability, ease of operation and overall performance.

     One of the things that sets the airport apart though, is the beautiful park-like grounds. Over the years, many people have commented that they have never seen such attractive grounds at an airport. Sam’s wife, Claire, is the one to thank for the numerous awards Sportsman Airpark has won due to her beautification efforts.

     Today, Sam Whitney’s legacy is carried on by his family. The airport is continuing to expand its services by constructing new hangars. The future for general aviation is bright, and Sportsman Airpark will continue to be a part of it.